Mayco Stoneware Glaze SW001 Clear 3.78L


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Mayco Stoneware Glaze SW001 Clear 3.78L

Mayco’s SW001 Stoneware Clear cone 6 clear glaze adds a brilliantly clear, smooth gloss finish to your work.

Perfect for stoneware and porcelain bodies, one to two brushing coats is all that is needed. SW-001 Clear has been formulated to reach high fire temperatures and works well from cone 5/6 up to cone 10.

Mayco Stoneware Clear Glazes will preserve and enhance the surface of your work.

Firing Range: Cone 5/6 – Cone 10

Food Safety: All Mayco Stoneware Clear glazes are AP Non-Toxic, Food Safe and Dinnerware Safe, when used according to manufacturer’s directions.

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm
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