Mayco Stoneware Glaze 2023 Sample Kit 118ml


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Mayco Stoneware Glaze 2023 Sample Kit 118ml

Mayco’s 2023 Stoneware Glaze Kit includes all twelve of their new 2023 stoneware glazes, each in a 118ml (4oz) jar. Great for testing on your clay bodies and trying new combinations.

Firing Range: Cone 5-10

Glazes included in this kit:

  • SW-190 Passion Flower
  • SW-191 Peppered Plum
  • SW-192 Amaryllis
  • SW-193 Ivy
  • SW-194 Nimbus
  • SW-195 Riptide
  • SW-196 Sand Dollar
  • SW-197 Fossil Rock
  • SW-198 Rose Quartz
  • SW-511 Pink Gloss
  • SW-512 Coral Gloss
  • SW-513 Brown Gloss

Food Safety: All of the new glazes are AP Non-Toxic in liquid form with the exception of SW-193 Ivy, which is CL. All are dinnerware safe when used according to manufacturer’s directions with the exception of SW-195 Riptide and SW-197 Fossil Rock due to surface durability. While the glazed surface may pass lead & cadmium leach tests, and therefore legally considered Food Safe, some glazes, regardless of surface texture or porosity of underlying clay body, will be designated as not suitable for dinnerware as the fired glaze surface is not durable and can be impacted by contact with food or liquids.

Weight 2.6 kg
Dimensions 28 × 19 × 9 cm
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