Aries Glaze (Pint)


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473mL/1 Pint of Aries Base Glaze.

Fire to Cone 5 or 6. Food safe.

A shimmering green that can break brown where thin. Aries changes from glossy to matte when slow cooled, as tiny crystals grow across the surface.

The Constellations are the first line of glazes designed to shine in both regular and slow-cooled firings. Thickness, firing temperature, and especially cooling speed can affect these glazes, ensuring they are never the same twice.

Suggested Application:
Single dip or 2-3 coats brushed on.

Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm

Safety Data

Product Safety Information

Coyote Glazes and Underglazes are evaluated by an independent toxicologist.  None of our recipes use lead and all are non-toxic in the liquid state.  Continue reading below for more information.

Liquid Glaze

Coyote Underglaze



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